Fly Pen Software

The Fly Pen has a variety of software designed to enhance the educational experience. The following is a brief overview of some of the more useful programs.

Fly Fusion Algebra is a program that provides students with step-by-step instructions for their first year of algebra. After a student writes out an equation, the pen will walk through the process, providing detailed instructions on quadratic equations, linear equations, graphing, simplifying expressions, inequalities and more.

Fly Fusion Writing basically makes the pen a hand-held word processor. The program allows students to search for definitions and synonyms, spellcheck, and even provides students with brainstorming and outlining ideas.

Fly Fusion Spanish Translator Pro and Fly Fusion French Translator Pro translates English words the student writes into Spanish or French. The pen gives the correct spelling and pronunciation of the Spanish or French word, enabling students to master the language more quickly.

Fly Fusion Multiplication and Division is designed to help students learn to complete multiplication and division problems on their own. The program walks students through the process step-by-step rather than just giving the answer.

Fly Fusion FastComp Math Pro gives students the answers to complex computations. After writing the problem on Fly Paper, the student can use 20 different tools to find the answer.

Fly Fusion Music Studio Pro is one of the most talked about programs for the Fly Pen. It allows students to compose, mix, sample and record their own songs with 24 different instruments.

Fly Fusion Journal is a neat piece of software for journal writing or creative writing. In the event of writer’s block, the Fly Fusion Journal has 350 questions and idea starters to get the ball rolling.

Fly Fusion Brain Teasers, while not designed to help with a specific school subject, keeps students’ mental faculties sharp with puzzles and word challenges. The cool thing about this program is that you don’t need Fly Paper to play.